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Muscle Up Mommy® supports moms through all stages of motherhood. We understand the mental and physical challenges moms experience. That is why our classes were designed with you in mind.

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I am in love with this entire brand and what it stands for. My compression belt and full torso belt has definitely shown results. They are a better quality that the ones I have had in the past. The size chart is accurate and you receive merchandise quickly! Not only do I receive great quality products for an amazing price, but I also have the option to train with the owner herself or with my M.U.M. sisters.

Taylor Ward

MUM has been a blessing to my life. From the workouts and all the MUM Belts I purchased. I even had to get a different size compression belt because the first one I got was to big. I will continue to support this business, She is very professional and she gets back to you in a timely manner. Ok I’m going to stop because I can go on and on

Kimberly Person-Curd

I love being part of the muscle up fit fam! I’m surrounded by wonderful mommies, and part of amazing organization. The workouts are beneficial to me, cause it lets me connect with other mommies of the group and being able to stay healthy and fit.

Ashley Glenn

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Muscle Up Mommy® is the #1 home workout platform that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Join me and 1000s of other moms who are on a fit journey-- just like you.

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